Entry Deadline for 2018 Premiere Design Awards has passed

Winners will be announced at the Premiere Design Awards on April 25.
Student Design Awards info available here.
International Interior Design Association Mid-Atlantic Chapter

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Frequently asked questions

Q: Can you extend the deadline for me?
A: To be fair to all entrants, the deadline is firm.

Q: I am having issues uploading the documents. Why?
A: Many entrants wait till the last day. This can overwhelm our server. Wait a few minutes and try again. We also suggest getting your entry in early. In an effort to alleviate server congestion for last-minute entries; we have modified the due date times (>11:59pm) and provided an early bird, reduced entry fee option. Entry fee costs and deadlines are as follows:

Q:  What if my project descriptions exceed the word count?
A:  Any word beyond the designated word counts (for both project description sections) will be cut off in the entry field. Please verify descriptions are complete and modify as needed. Helpful Hint: Type and proof your project descriptions in a Word DOC – then cut and paste them in to the entry field.

Q: Who decides the winners?
A: A jury of respected designers from outside the Mid-Atlantic Chapter selects the winners.

Q: Why is there a size limit on the photos?
A: The size limit ensures that your submission file will be easy to manage and open. The entry database is strictly limited to 20MB per entry.

Q: How should we name the image files?
A: You can find instructions here.

Q: Do you have any suggestions for a better entry?
A: Re-check your project description. If it is too long the computer will cut it off. Additionally, make sure there is no reference to your company name in the submission. When developing the project description consider focusing on describing the design concept and client needs (for example: budget, schedule, technical requirements, branding, or unique materials requirements). Also reference the entry guidelines mission statement for common judging parameters.

Q: What happens if I accidentally leave the name of the firm in the project description or title block?
A: The Design Awards Committee reviews entries and if discovered, will remove the firm names from the text. However, if the text is not discovered and goes to the jury, they will disqualify the entry.

Q: Does someone on my team need to be a member of IIDA? What membership level must the team leader have in IIDA? Can I include subcontractors such as engineers or lighting designers on my team list?
A: The lead designer must be a professional IIDA Mid-Atlantic Chapter member. Please include only the interior designers (or architects) on the project team. Also note that award winner certificates will list the design team as submitted per the following sequence: Lead designer or architect (entrant), Project Team Member 1, Project Team Member 2, etc.

Q: How Do I join IIDA?
A: You can join here.

Q: What if I don't know the IIDA number of the principle team member?
A: You can get it from IIDA headquarters; their phone number is 1 888 799 4432.

Q: Can we enter multiple projects? Can we enter multiple projects in the same category?
A: Yes, a firm may submit a maximum of five (5) projects.

Q: Can you tell me if my entry won?
A: Winners are held strictly confidential until announced at The Premiere Event and after the event the information will be posted on the IIDA MAC website.

Q: Can you change the names on the award? Can a name be added to the award?
A: The firm name and designers names are printed as entered into application, please check it carefully.

Do you have a question not answered above? Any questions about entries should be directed to the Design Awards Committee at designawards@iidamac.org. Please note that it may take a day or more for a response.

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