Entry Deadline for 2018 Premiere Design Awards has passed

Winners will be announced at the Premiere Design Awards on April 25.
Student Design Awards info available here.
International Interior Design Association Mid-Atlantic Chapter

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Entry Guidelines

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The guidelines and categories for this year’s Premiere Design Awards have changed. Please thoroughly review all guidelines before starting your entries.

The Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the International Interior Design Association developed this awards program to recognize design excellence, to encourage new ideas and techniques, and to build public awareness in the field of interior design.


The final deadline for submitting all entries is Wednesday, January 31, 2018 by 11:59 pm ET.

NOTE: To alleviate server congestion with last minute entries, an Early-Bird discounted entry fee has been added to encourage early entries. Applicable deadlines and entry fees are as follows:

Entry Requirements

The ‘Entrant’ (Lead Interior designer or architect) must be a professional IIDA member of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter, and in good standing, as of January 17, 2018. The entrant must be the professional primarily responsible for the interior design of the project. The entry form application may be completed by other staff and are designated as the ‘Entry Contact’ (not to be confused with ‘Entrant’).

There are no restrictions on project location but the project must have been completed after January 1, 2016. Projects previously honored by an award in this program are not eligible for entry. Members are encouraged, however, to resubmit all eligible projects that have been previously entered but not yet awarded. A firm may submit a maximum of five (5) projects.

Entry Policies

All entries, including images, become the property of the IIDA Mid-Atlantic Chapter. The Entrant certifies that he/she has obtained permission from the photographer(s) to publish the photographs.

Entry submissions must not contain any identifying information of the design firm or design team. To maintain anonymity for the juror process: no names of entrants, firm names, firm logos or other identifying entrant information may appear on any part of the pictorial submission, Image Files, or in the Project Description.

The Entrant and Entry Contact are fully responsible for any errors or omissions in the information supplied. The “firm contact” specified on your Registration Form will be the official contact for this entry and shall receive all correspondence and communication from the Chapter.

Failure to comply with the rules in The Entry Guidelines may result in rejection of the submission. Registration fees will not be refunded.

Image Submittal and Floor Plan (New for this year)

Each entry form must include at least three (3) and no more than eight (8) JPEG images. At least one of these images must be a floor plan.

Image file name protocol:

All submitted images must include the same brief/abbreviated project name followed by a dash and a number (1 thru 7). The number sequence should be sequentially ranked to correspond to the firm’s most important image as #1, etc. Floor plans should include the same abbreviated project name + “Plan”. If multiple floor plans are included: list them as “Plan-1’ and “Plan-2”. The complete file name (including “.jpg”) must be a total of (25) characters or less. Please use only letters, numbers and dashes in your file names (NO spaces or other characters). An example of the image file name protocol follows:

ProjectName-1.jpg // ProjectName-2.jpg // ProjectName-3.jpg // ProjectName-Plan.jpg

The entry form no longer includes fields for firms to select their top 3 or top 6 images for use in display and recognition. The Premiere Design Awards team will utilize the file name protocol as the guide to use the firm’s top ranked images in each application.  Each display and recognition application has formatting restrictions that may preclude an image being used. (ie. A portrait image may work for one application, but not another – in the later situation, the next ranked landscape image may be utilized). Additionally, this protocol sequence will be the same for viewing sequence by the juror – to see the most import images first.

All images submitted become the property of the IIDA Mid-Atlantic Chapter. However, Entrants are fully responsible for any applicable photographers’ fees for the use of images in publication.


If you plan to enter your firm’s own space – please contact the Design Awards Co-Chairs (Melissa Lawall & Michael Lilly) via designawards@iidamac.org ASAP prior to submitting the entry. We will help facilitate the special submission process.

The Premiere Design Awards team strongly encourages firms to submit their own spaces. However, extra steps are required in order to ensure fully anonymity for the juror process – along with appropriate recognition in the post-jury and award phases. In this case, entry form submissions must include generic firm names (ie. Design Firm X), addresses, and redacted images. A second version of the entry will be coordinated for appropriate public recognition.

Awards Mission Statement

Design Award Entries are judged by a geographically dispersed group of esteemed IIDA Professional members. Jurors follow a blind scoring system which is aggregated to determine the winners. Subsequently, the jurors do not know the winners until they are awarded. The design award entries and winners are held strictly confidential. All persons involved (jurors, required vendors, and committee members) are bound to confidentiality by Non-Disclosure Agreements.

Design Award Entries will be judged for design excellence in areas such as innovation & originality, cohesion of design, problem solving thru design, sustainability & wellness, technology, and details.

There are six entry categories – each are determined by project square footage. Both an Honor and a Merit award are presented for the first and second place in each category. Based on scoring metrics, Special Recognition awards may also be presented.

Of the six Honor Award recipients, the best overall design entry will receive The Pinnacle Award.

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